I have updated the payment last week and now it says to update the payment again?

Teran Subasinghe

Last Update 9 месяцев назад

Payments are not counting from the date that you updated the payment, it’s counting for 4 fixed dates as we provide the recordings. Accordingly, payment is counting for the 4 classes which includes the recordings as well. 

Eg: if you have made the payment while our upcoming class is the 3rd One from Our end then we will be assigning the recordings of 1st and 2nd classes to make you prepare for the 3rd Class. In such situations your payment is getting expired after the 4th class since we have already assigned you 4 recordings after the 4th class

The system counts the 4 sessions not from the date that you joined (read the above example).

If you have any further doubts about this then please watch the video regarding this at https://itguru.lk/n/how-to-guides/

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