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Teran Subasinghe

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Step 1: You can use the Create Account Option from the Home Page to Create Your Account

Step 2: After Creating Your Account it will automatically login to the portal

Step 3: This portal has all the class information, class fees, schedule, ongoing lesson in each class, your term test results, brainstorm diagrams, etc.

Step 4: Click on Update Payment button to make a payment (card or bank transfer)

Step 5: After a making payment it is sent for approval

Step 6: The approval might take some time since we have to review it with the bank (especially bank transfer payments) 

Step 7: However, every payment will be approved before the starting time of the class.

Step 8: Then, the update payment button changes as a Join button

Step 9: You can also add the expiry date of the current payment as a reminder to your mobile phone calendar

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